So you're ready to get moving with a new Hyundai sedan or SUV? If you're thinking about investing in your next Hyundai near Lufkin, Huntington and Diboll, Hyundai of Lufkin is your go-to dealer. We're passionate about selling and leasing new Hyundai models to drivers throughout the greater Huntington area, and whether you want to buy or lease, we'll make every part of the process easy and enjoyable.

Some of our customers find themselves debating whether or not buying or leasing is the right choice. If you're up in the air about which decision will be the best option for you, our team can help. We're here to weigh the pros and cons of both buying and leasing so you can choose the financing option that suits your budget, driving style and lifestyle best.

When you opt to buy a new Hyundai or used car from Hyundai of Lufkin, you'll enjoy full ownership once your vehicle is paid off. You'll enjoy the freedom of no mileage caps and fees, the opportunity to add customizations and accessories to your without penalization and the opportunity to sell your car whenever you'd like to. You will, however, likely have to make a larger down payment for your vehicle than if you chose to lease.

Leasing is an excellent choice for drivers who don't plan to rack up miles and who prefer driving new vehicles on a regular basis. When you lease, you can put little or no money down and take the wheel of a new Hyundai model every few years. You will, however, have to stay under a certain mileage amount for the duration of your lease. If you exceed your mileage cap, you'll have to pay a fee at the end of your lease. You can, however, choose to buy the model you leased or lease a new Hyundai vehicle when your lease is up.

Shop new Hyundai models and used cars at Hyundai of Lufkin today, and let our finance team outfit you with a great lease deal or financing plan for you - without any stress. We recommend checking out our current lease deal and new vehicle promotions for more ways to save as well.